What’s The Frickin’ Date?

Rumor has it that February is quickly upon us.

January sure went by fast, didn’t it? My Aunt Mary used to tell me that the older you get, the faster the days go by.

And I’d agree with her…IF I was sure January was really almost over.

It’s hard for me to say, because my printer didn’t send me a calendar this year. Neither did my realtor, mechanic, bank, or insurance agent.

In fact, none of the usual suspects sent me a 2020 calendar.

Perhaps it’s my breath. More likely, it’s a harbinger of perceived economic woes on the horizon.

Because marketing is typically seen as an expense, rather than as an investment in one’s business.

Many CEOs, when anticipating lower sales, search for places to cut costs. They’ll slash marketing and promotional dollars at precisely the time they should be increasing them.

Promotions are really an interesting place to cut budgets, too, given their long-term ability to maintain a company’s presence before customers and prospects.

Last year, for instance, I saw my printer’s name on my desk calendar at least 365 times. And yes, I sent them business because of it.

Okay, free calendars aren’t appropriate promotional items for all businesses. For example, attorneys, doctors, and CPAs are probably better off taking the money they’d invest in printed calendars and investing it in digital advertising.

But if you’re looking to be top of mind on a daily basis, and to be considered late at night when those tough decisions are being debated around the kitchen table, that presence on the fridge may be just enough to tip the scales in your favor.

There are hundreds of other ad specialties, of course, and each has its place. But coffee mugs live in a cabinet, pens get stuck in a jar, and shopping bags end up in the car trunk.

Calendars are a different story, though, presenting themselves daily in a customer’s kitchen or office, always promoting your firm’s name, contact information, and offerings.

I’m not sure why seemingly everyone decided to bail on calendars this year, but I’m seeing it as an opportunity. After all, if nobody else wants their company to be remembered with a calendar on the wall, maybe that means it’s time for me to create one.

With that said, I wish you a week of profitable marketing.

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