What’s In A Name?

It’s hard to imagine successful marketing today without celebrity product endorsements. Yet only 140 years ago they were almost unheard of.

It was 1878, and Albert Spaulding had just retired from the now defunct Boston Red Stockings. At the ripe old age of 28, the baseball star had an unbeatable record – 207 winning games and 56 losses in only five years.

In addition to being an outstanding athlete, Spaulding was also an astute businessman. Seeing the potential his baseball design had created for the game, Albert went into the professional sports supply business. Besides baseballs, the Spaulding Co. manufactured equipment for tennis, golf, and the latest craze, basketball.

To help sell his wares, Spaulding hired other well-known athletes to tout his wares…and an industry was born. In exchange for a fee, each athlete would sign his name to the product he was famous for.

The promotion worked, and the company soon had a strong following, with amateur athletes hoping to emulate the results their favorite players had by using Spaulding equipment.

In effect, Spaulding himself ended up endorsing a method of success: building a fortune by using intelligent sales promotions.

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