That jogger’s looking FABULOUS!

Every day for four years I’ve watched a woman run past my house. Rain or shine she’s out there, dutifully following her regimen.

Since I first saw her she’s lost weight, moves a little faster, and appears stronger.

This woman obviously has a plan and works it daily. Based on the dedication she invests in reaching her objective, I’m inspired to work harder at my own job.

She’s showing respect for her body, trying to be the best she can be. Each morning she takes several steps towards her goal. She’s focused, driven and, by all indications, successful.

She’s my hero.

I compare that to so many business owners I’ve met who are unable to craft and follow a plan to build their company’s future. They’re typically frozen by the fear of doing something wrong and, rather than risk making mistakes, they do nothing.

These ”professionals” show little respect for the source of their livelihood, choosing dithering over deciding. Caught in the weight of the moment, their inability to focus lets them neither trim the fat nor grow the bottom line.

The jogger and I have never spoken, but my admiration for her perseverance is immense. And she can lead you to improved profitability with these business lessons:

  • Have a realistic goal. It may seem like a stretch, but you’ll get there if you work at it every day.
  • Have a plan. If you’re running without a destination, you might get lost.
  • Work your plan. Remember the saying; “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”
  • Don’t sleep in. There’s always another step to take.
  • Ignore rainy weather. Negatives happen; keep plodding until the sun shines again.

Think through both your short and long-term goals, strategizing ways to spend less, make more sales calls, and acquire new clients each month.

Throw in a healthy serving of publicity, networking events, speaking opportunities, and social media and you’re almost there.

Finally, maintain good relations with all your current clients and sales prospects.

Whether you want to make money or lose weight, success is never easy. But if you follow this woman’s lead, you too will slowly see improvement, and eventually, victory.

One day you’ll awaken feeling better, stronger, and looking sexier.

With that said, I wish you week of profitable marketing.

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