Making Marketing More Delicious

Frequently I’ll smell baked goods in Costco’s parking lot. Who knows whether management’s merely ventilating the bakery or purposely exporting the smell outside. Either way, though, the subliminal suggestion is planted for me to buy these delicious-smelling morsels.

Clever, no?

It’s the same thinking now being applied by the wizards at Disney. As you wander through the new Pixar Pier at Anaheim’s California Adventure, you’re going to find they’ve woven something new into their holistic marketing experience.

Of course you’ll immediately see that the roller coaster’s been transformed into a story about Pixar’s latest movie, THE INCREDIBLES.

Once you’re able to see past the rides, games and sounds of the Midway, you’ll also notice the scent of cookies being piped into one of the roller coaster tunnels.

By no strange coincidence, Disney sells the very cookies you’re now craving. Just stop by the gift shop on your way out of the ride.

Your business may not have the luxury of a captive audience and/or a $2 billion annual marketing budget like our friends at Disney.

Still, regardless of what you sell, you can probably expand your sales by thinking a little differently. It may be as simple as offering a white paper to lure in potential customers. Or automatically entering every website visitor into a big drawing. Or providing free professional advice.

Finding those hidden opportunities begins simply enough:

  • List, by department, every service or product provided by your organization
  • Profile customers by department
  • Envision yourself as each customer and ask why you’d want to do business with that specific department

Just being a good guy isn’t enough reason for someone to buy from you, and you may need to get creative, even as you borrow an idea from someone else.

If you sell something appealing to the senses, try making the connection with smell (perfume), sound (music samples), taste (Costco also gives out free samples) and the like.

And like these two marketing behemoths, make sure you can quickly satisfy the desire you create with a ready supply of whatever you’re selling that’s available to customers the moment they realize they want it.

Because creating desire, then satisfying it and delivering quality products at reasonable prices is how you turn casual inquiries into long-term, profitable customers.

With that said, I wish you a week of profitable marketing.


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