Quiche on my face

It was an honest mistake prompted by two people telling me the local French café had closed.

I called to confirm and got no answer. Google had no website posted for them.

No malice was intended, but I was under deadline. While not a legitimate excuse, it factored into my thinking.

This all led to my earlier column about a local restaurant going out of business due to lack of marketing.

Rather than driving over to their doorstep to verify the rumor, I ran with the story…and messed up.

True, I never named the café. But anyone familiar with Rancho Bernardo’s restaurant scene immediately knew it was Le Bistro de Louisa.

And the mistake? Yes, you guessed it…Le Bistro de Louisa is alive and well.

Within an hour of my Facebook posting I heard from a dozen people challenging my conclusions. Pat Sullivan, next door at Village Mail & More, reported dining there Friday night.


So let me say, publicly and loudly, that I was wrong. Louisa’s still in business, taking reservations, and serving delicious French food.

In fact they appear to be thriving, providing a taste of France here in North County. They’ll happily welcome your party tonight for dinner.

The lesson we can all take away concerns the importance of verifying your facts before assuming rumor, innuendo, and guesswork is truth.

No matter how trustworthy the source of that rumor.

No, I won’t call them alternate facts or some other euphemism. It was a mistake. An honest one, but nevertheless I was wrong.

After writing this column for over 11 years, I guess it was inevitable that I’d slip up at some point.

Mom told me words can hurt, and my words last week had potential to negatively impact someone’s bottom line. So I’m telling the rest of the story, and encouraging everyone to go there for some onion soup and a glass of wine.

And while I maintain more people would dine at Bistro Louisa with more active community outreach efforts on their part, that point’s been made already.

My thanks to those who caught my mistake, and apologies to those I accidentally misled. This helps remind me of my responsibility to the truth and to taking extra time to get my facts straight.

Bon appetit!

With that said, I wish you a week of error-free marketing.


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