Moving Your Lips While Reading

Words are my passion, my work, and my playthings…explaining why I write so much.

Drafting columns, web sites, brochures, press releases and marketing strategies are part of my daily routine.

And I’m told many folks use this column as a resource for trying their hand at copywriting.

To those brave souls I dedicate today’s column, sharing my writing style to help improve your quality.

  • Determine the allowable word count or the space to be filled.
  • Do a brain dump of all your ideas.
  • Edit, edit, edit until you’re in the right neighborhood.

Be open to new ideas, regardless of their source. And remember that merely because it’s your idea doesn’t mean it’s good.

The objective, after all, is quality copy. Ego is irrelevant.

Think your copy is near-perfect? AWESOME!

Now read it aloud to yourself. Okay, it looks silly to the uninitiated, but I’ll guarantee you that hearing it will make you see certain mistakes or inconsistencies that you might not catch from reading the text.

Not liking what you’re hearing? Time to rewrite, edit, massage, tweak, and read aloud again.

Finally, give the finished copy to a friend or associate who fits the profile of your perfect audience member. Ask for honest feedback and listen to it carefully.

After all, this person represents your customer. Whether you like what you’ve written is less important than what your customer thinks.

Naturally, if your private poll indicates problems with your wording, then it’s time to rewrite and go through the entire process again.

This system has worked amazingly well for me since I started writing in third grade.

It’s helped me catch countless mistakes, grammatical and factual. I’ve heard phrases that just sound wrong, and upon further research realized I’d made mistakes.

The final result has been all that the world saw, helping to drive customer interest and sales.

And two weeks later any frustration or concerns I might have had are long forgotten.

Operating this way allows me to turn first drafts from 700 words to final counts of 400. It clarifies ideas, corrects mistakes, and makes one word do the work of six.

Naturally, because not all the answers are on-line, I keep a dictionary and thesaurus at hand.

The results speak for themselves.

With that said, I wish you a week of profitable marketing.


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