Rubbing People the Right Way

My friend Dave recently had knee surgery.

For years his every step was agonizing as bone rubbed against bone.

As a Cox Communications lineman, Dave’s on his feet all day, oftentimes 30’ above the ground. Having working parts is critical to his livelihood.

So he took off 12 weeks and went under the knife.

Step one: Left knee replaced. Step two: Right knee replaced. Step three: Exercise. Step four: Dinner.

Dinner was hosted by the doctors who performed his surgery. They knew Dave was pleased by the results he’d gotten, and wanted to introduce him as a happy customer.

Then came the wrinkle. With 58 people in attendance and 70 diners guaranteed to the restaurant, the doctors were heavily committed financially.

To break even they needed two sales…and their main speaker was running late.

So they asked Dave to say a few unscripted words.

Dave’s a great guy…a regular guy…and not always what one might call the most polished presenter.

He’s also the first to help someone in trouble, and willingly stepped into the void.

“10 weeks ago they totally replaced my left knee,” he reported. “Six weeks ago they replaced my right knee. Here I am today,” he added, doing a deep knee bend.

Five amazed attendees signed the papers before Dave was done.

His performance demonstrated the importance of testimonials; an under-utilized tool that’s invaluable for any business…and especially small ones.

I’m not talking about statements signed with initials of people who probably don’t exist.

I mean people whose identity you can confirm, preferably in your own community. Someone you can talk to.

A testimonial delivers legitimacy, a comfort level, and sales for you.

It tells prospective customers you have a track record of success, and costs nothing to help you grow your business.

And don’t you write them…or they’re guaranteed to all sound alike!

As we’ve previously discussed, people do business with those they know, like and trust. Providing a testimonial from satisfied customers imparts that trust.

Regardless of your business, it’s important to have testimonials from real people telling your story in their own words. Request those testimonials within 30 days of the sale (when people are happiest with you), and understand that customers won’t typically offer them without being asked.

With that said, I wish you a week of profitable marketing.
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