Didn’t expect to see YOU here!

Amaze your customers. Fool your competitors. Pop up in some of the most UNUSUAL places to grow your business.

With last week’s partnership discussion still fresh in my mind, I found someone who got the memo.

On Sunday we saw Wonder Woman at Mira Mesa Edwards Theaters.

Across the lobby, Canvas Church’s morning services were going full force in three auditoriums.


The nice lady handing out coffee to all comers explained each week the church rents out three consecutive theaters, with one just for kids. They hold two services, buy some popcorn, and are gone by 12:30.

Opposite the coffee table was an 8’x8’ exhibit that rivaled any movie’s coming attraction, putting it in full view of moviegoers who (obviously) weren’t in church. Canvas wasn’t aggressively pitching their message, but it was hard to miss.

Let’s call it “Proselytizing-lite.”

This partnership makes sense. Canvas’ website suggests they’re a micro-church, meaning they can easily fit into those three rooms.

They’re providing easily accessible space with plentiful parking for congregants. Whatever rent they’re paying to the theater is undoubtedly more cost-effective than expanding the size of their nearby Ministry Center.

Meanwhile, Edwards is unlikely to have enough traffic to fill their 18 theaters every Sunday morning, so they’re renting out space that would otherwise lie fallow.

The soft-sell strategy also caught my attention. Like the Starbucks Café at nearby Barnes & Noble, it generates rental income, increases customer satisfaction, and appeals to its own customer base.

Bookstore customers buy from Starbucks and vice-versa in a beautifully choreographed symbiotic relationship.

Finding a good partner for your organization may not be obvious, but it is a smart move.

I know…we’ve talked about this subject repeatedly, and I’m getting tedious.

My apologies…but the advantages of joint marketing can’t be over-emphasized.

Finding that alliance can expand your audience, lower your costs, and appeal to your current customers.

You’ll increase your offerings without the attendant overhead, simultaneously providing people with more reasons to contact you in the future.

And we all know that once you have a customer’s attention, your chances of making additional sales improve dramatically.

Just as the right mate is key to creating a successful marriage, finding the right marketing partner can easily make the difference in successfully growing your bottom line.

If handled well, you’ll find your customers saying hosannahs to you on a weekly basis.

With that said, I wish you a week of profitable marketing.


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